SANSUI Mexico Factory was founded

2019-08-19 15:55:31 Tina 162

In late 2018, CTM Digital had opened a factory in Mexico, with over 2,000 square meters land and more than 100 employees.

In this rapidly changing world, innovative technology is undoubtedly a big gear driving world change. In order to keep up with this pace, SANSUI decided to set up a factory in Mexico as the enterprise's navigation and focused on product research and development and technological innovation to promote the industrial upgrading of the company. The scope of technological innovation includes artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IOT), intelligent Internet of things (AIOT), etc.

In recent years, investment in production facilities and marketing centers has become enlarged in this factory to strengthen the capacity and ensure it is able to catch up with the soaring development of R&D, now SANSUI LED TV products are combined with innovated DLED technology and solid production qualities.
When the figure of 2018 receded, we found that the painstaking efforts and sweat of the past 365 days had become the confidence and dignity of SANSUI employees thanks to the powerful support. And as the smell of 2019 blows in, we never hesitate for one second that our products will be less welcomed by the market.

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