SANSUI TVs' DLED Technology

2019-08-19 15:56:29 Henry 153

On December 24th, 2017, the chief officer of SANSUI, Mr. Hernandez, had announced that SANSUI had successfully achieved an advanced high-technology DLED. The following business strategy of SANSUI is starting the batch production of the new DLED Smart TV, along with opening and strongly developing the current market of the TV industry in Mexico. The principal of the SANSUI Mexico industry also acclaimed that the breakthroughs in new technology were always the company’s development impetus, and talents in all walks of life were welcomed to come to SANSUI.

DLED (Direct-lit LED) came out around 2012. With DLED, the LEDs are spread across the entire back panel of the TV to provide back-lighting. SANSUI is committed to developing DLED Smart TVs. Comparing to the traditional LED type, TVs with DLED that SANSUI has introduced are equipped with the following features:

1.        Much Improved Contrast:

Direct LEDs that make use of local dimming can be particularly effective when it comes to contrast, thanks to the potential for one LED cluster to be firing at full power right alongside another cluster that produces practically no light at all.

2.         Rich, Dynamic Colors:

The properties of LED lighting generally seem to help produce a wider color spectrum than other flat TV technologies. This is especially true with premium direct LED TVs, which use (now pretty much defunct) RGB dimming technology rather than the more common white dimming.

3.         High Brightness Levels:

Having an array of LED lights driving the picture can boost brightness levels, to the point where some direct LED images look positively luminous.

4.         No Screen Burn or Fizzing

As with LCD TVs, direct LED LCD TVs don’t suffer from image retention or fizzing noise like some plasmas do.


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