SANSUI acompañó al Instituto de Desarrollo Comercial Local a América Latina

2019-08-19 09:27:47 214

May 24th, 2019, CTM Digital was invited by a local Mexico trade development institute on a business trip to Latin America. After built the Mexico manufacturing center, CTM Digital wanted to continuously expand its customer network, provide competitive quality products and services to the market, and remain a shark sensitivity of global vision. SANSUI always pays close attention to market trends and explores various channels and opportunities, while this business trip offered a perfect chance to observe the current market situation in South America. Marketing manager Miss Jimena and the rest of the tour group visited Mexico City, Santiago, and Buenos Aires to have a better understanding of Latin America and explore more business opportunities.

During this trip, Miss Jimena introduced CTM Digital about how they have invested a lot of time and capital on promoting research, development and technology innovation to broaden the range of audiovisual products and develop better innovative solutions. She also talked at the beginning of the CTM Digital establishment, new management concepts were employed in order to actively explore the international market, decision makers of SANSUI decided to hire local people to improve local employment, accelerated the understanding of the local business environment and reduced investment risks.

Both the organizer and the participants recognized how engaged CTM Digital was on promoting the cooperation with local people and the irreplaceable role that CTM Digital was playing on boosting the development of the local economy after this trip, and many companies from this trip group exchanged contact information with CTM Digital and hoped to start partnership soon.

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