Un representante de Walmart visitó la fábrica SANSUI México

2019-08-19 09:27:47 492

On September 20th, 2018, a representative of Walmart, Mr. Stevenson, was invited to visit SANSUI Mexico to learn more about SANSUI.

Since the company announced its plans to establish an industrial park in Mexico, SANSUI has received great attention and much support from the government and local business circle. Mr. Hernandez, the General Manager of SANSUI Mexico, briefly introduced the SANSUI product line in Mexico and the production process of its televisions. The Deputy Director of SANSUI American Sales, Miss Nina, delivered a speech about the history of SANSUI, the activities in the overseas markets, and the current progress of the SANSUI Industrial Park in South America. Mr. Stevenson said that he appreciated the efforts that SANSUI had made to promote the investment cooperation at homeland and abroad.

After delivering the address, Mr. Stevenson, accompanied by the Main Director of Technical Department, Mr. Calva, visited the regular working environment and production industry at local. Each employee showed their enthusiasm and loyalty, along with their new technical results, that is, DLED application on Smart TV.

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